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About  Agreement
(1)Confirmation & Acceptance
1. Use of this site and its related services must comply with this agreement. Registered in Zoano( means that you understand and fully accept all the terms of this Agreement. According to the actual situation, this agreement will be updated at any time, so hope you can pay attention to this. You continue to use the zoano DIY customize after updating indicate acceptance of the change. If you have any questions concerning this Agreement, please contact
2. Before continuing accept the service, you must indicate that you agree the terms of this Agreement and its subsequent modifications.
(2)Announcement and Introduction
1. Zoano provide information like content of this Agreement, company name, address (including usable complain address for customers), phone number, business license number, management staff, and these information will on At the same time users can also read this Agreement by the link of being a member.
2. Matters not provided for in this Agreement and all terms of interpretation will be announced by Zona in written supplementary terms and conditions or terms interpretation, and published the same way as this Agreement. Any amendments and new rules published once in Zoano automatically take effect and become part of this Agreement. For the matters that not provided for in this Agreement and still not clear in written supplementary terms and conditions or terms interpretation, they are applicable to the relevant Chinese laws and regulations.
3. If any part of Agreement be d??a??d invalid, the remaining provisions will not be affected.
4. Either party need to take the responsibilities in the condition that force majeuredue or other accidents lead to the performance of this Agreement impossible, unnecessary or meaningless. The force majeure here means unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective circumstances, including, but not limited to war, typhoon, flood, fire, lightning, or earthquake, strike, riot, statutory sickness, hacker attacks, network viruses, Telecom department's technical control, governmental action or any other natural or man-made disasters and other objective circumstances.
5. Interpretation and application of this Agreement, as well as disputes relating to this Agreement, shall be dealt with in accordance with laws of the PRC, while shall in the local  People's Court of Zoano.
Agreement with Buyers
Zoano buyers refers all users purchase products in Zoano website or design their own by customizing. Hereinafter collectively referred to as the buyers.
(1) Overview
All services provided follow the terms of service basis. These Terms become the foundation of transactions between buyers and Zoano, and accepted by both parties during the transaction.  Zoano can deny any objection or breach of this Agreement unless these actions obtain Zona issued documents.
1. Buyers submit the online orders, it means that the buyer accepts Zoano's price.
2. Zoano reserved the right to reject any order for any reason and inform the relevant buyers.
3. When products are completely transported to buyers by Zoano's commissioned logistics company  according to the provided address in the order, Zoano's obligations under this Agreement is fulfilled. If the products can not be sent, and the Zoano failed to provide a replacement within a reasonable period of time, then the buyer has the right to be informed. If the buyer has already paid, then the money must be returned.
1.The ordered product should be delivered to the provided address 2 weeks after the order received by Zoano. Generally, the delivery time is 5-7 days, but in some special cases may require 1-2 weeks.
2 .The ordered products will be delivered by Zona commissioned logistics company. Buyers need to pay the standard fee, which depends on the delivery place and order amount.
(4) Payment 
1. Payment procedures will be different for Zoano to perform the related operations on buyers' choice of payment. According to the ordered amount, shipping areas or other objective criteria, Zoano reserves the right to limit the buyer's right of using some payment methods.
2. Zoano reserves the right to process the payment by trusted third-party.
3. If the buyer does not fulfill payment obligations, Zoano has the right to appoint a third party for claims, and transfers personal data that is needed in payment procedures to third parties.
(5)Ownership of the Products
1. Zoano owns the products before delivering the products to logistics companies, as well as the buyer pays.
2. Both Zoano and buyer are obligated to handle the product carefully to avoid any damage before the the transfer of ownership.
(6) Guarantee 
1.Any Zoano manuals, catalogs, press conference, product descriptions, product advertising or price list contains information, pictures, digital, technical data, specifications of weight, size and service are only natural information. Zoano is not responsible for the correctness of these information. Only the information in order confirmation has legal effect.
2. Any wrong product or damaged product caused by Zoano, the customer has the right to demand a replacement, return, or reduce the price under both parties' agreement to continue the order.
3. Based on the current technology level, Zoano can not guarantee the stability of the Internet data and timeliness, and assumes no responsibility.
(7) Limitation of Liability
1. In condition that Zoano violates the agreement deliberately or badly ignores it, Zoano bears the responsibility for the damage parts. Whether pursuant to any law, Zoano only pays the foreseeable, or formed damage.
2. Once the liability of Zoano is exempted, then responsibilities related to employees, the company representatives and agency are also exempted.
(8) Buyer Information Protection 
Zoano will use buyer's data in a legal way. Zoano completes and processes orders by using  buyers' data (ie name, e-mail address, address, and bank account information, etc.). These data will be treated confidentially and not revealed to any third parties who has nothing to do with the order, payment and delivery. Buyers have free access to keep their personal information in Zoano, and the right to amend incorrect information or delete any personal information that will not affect orders.
(10) Right to Reject an Order
1. Zoano reserved the right to reject any request and order that are does not meet the requirements of Zoano.
2. Zoano reserved the right to reject any order that made by buyers with bad credit records or who are considered to have credit risk.
3 Zoano takes responsibilities for order procedures and customer service.Part III: Comprehensive Terms of Design Rights and Use  
Zoano buyers refers all users purchase products in Zoano website or design their own by customizing. Hereinafter collectively referred to as the buyer.
(1) Overview
1. The following terms specificate the design and use in Zoano.
2. This Agreement defines "design" as a concept includes all of the design patterns, text and all decorative form used by design owner.
3. This Agreement defines "design owner" as a concept includes all buyers who trade with Zoano.
(2) The Right to Use & Third-party Rights
1. Design owner must guarantee that the content and design for Zoano are their own creation, and owns the right to use those content and design--especially with regard to trademarks, copyrights, patents, licenses and other use rights. Owners must ensure that they are the unique and individual copyright holders  who give the right to Zoano.
2. Design owner must guarantee that the design provided for Zoano will not cause any conflict or potential conflict with third party.
3. Design owner must ensure that all the contents uploaded to the website will not infringe any third party's patents, licenses and trademarks.
4. Design owner must ensure that all content and design are complied with other statutory regulations, even laws and regulations on the protection of minorities and will not violate any criminal prohibitions.
5 If a third party claims that the design owner's content or design infringe their rights, the owner is obliged to inform Zoano immediately.
7 If there is a third party claiming that their rights have been violated, then Zoano reserves the right to remove the content and design.
(3) Zoano User Permissions
1. In any cases, the design owners agree Zoano to use their design and products especially in the audited published and copied the design or product design and the use of design to print Zoano products and to distribute, copy, and sell these products, including the right to use the design and  combined with other designs.
2. In some cases, Zoano also has the right to confer the right to any third party. Zoano therefore reserves the right to use the design and product on Or in some cases, other Zoano contractors and partners are allowed to use these designs and design products based on this agreement .
3. Zoano has the right to use until one of the contracting party (Zoano & design owner) cancel the agreement.
4. Based on the second terms of this agreement, the owner is not entitled to present any design or designed product in websites and e-shop that are collaborated with Zoano.
5. Zoano has the right to stop or prohibit the publication of a design at any time especially in the case that have doubt in design or design aspects of the product, or when the design and product  may violate laws and regulations.

(4)  The Liability Exemption
1. If the design provided by the owner infringes a third party's rights or violates laws and regulations and leads to some losses, design owners will be liable for the loss of Zoano.
2. Then the responsibilities of design owner  include all the legal fees, any costs and compensation of Zoano ruled by court to bear, and make any claims related. In this case, Zoano reserves the the right to withdral certain amount of cost from the design owner for precaution.
3. When the owner confirmed Zoano disobey this Agreement intentionally, maliciously, or  neglects it obviously, Zoano bears all the related responsibilities.
4. Design owner well understand the content and design on are available to the public and there is public access to improper use. Zoano does not assume any responsibility for the risk, but can decide the workable measures or legal action with the owner.
(5) The Validity and Abolishment of the Agreement 
1.  This agreement remains valid and with no time limit until canceled by either party. Zoana reserves the right to keep the user's information that includes but not limited to the previous user information, transaction records and so on after the user unsubscribes. If users  act illegally or violate this Agreement before they unsubscribe, Zoano has the rights to perform according to this  Agreement.
2. If a party on the 15th of every month or before present  a written notice of cancellation and in the case of mutual agreement, the agreement will end on  the last day of the month. Before this cancellation deadline, each party reserves the right to remove any design or designed products on the website. If the design or designed products are used by other partners of Zoano, those design or designed products will be deleted before the cancellation deadline.
3 Two sides cancel the agreement for the following reason, if necessary, can not inform:
A) One of the parties violate this Agreement and does not stop this action within the reasonable validity.
B). Owners Upload a design and this design violates the rights of third parties, in particular the rights of individual and commercial trademark and violates the laws and regulations that protect the rights of third parties.
4. For the orders accepted before the cancellation deadline that contain the design or designed products, Zoano will  complete these orders.
5. The parties agree that a statement is a written form by fax, mail or e-mail. If you want to send such statements to Zoano, please send to
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